It’s this enigmatic thing portrayed, which they have perceived as regular AND-real: rightNOWWEdoseem…. to have

Argued with themselves and to a carefully considerate pointOf breaking all of their bones-of-face, actually.

“The mistaken Nature Of wAyWaRd+art started WAAAAY(!) back when.. everybodyElse(…) sought-out that other eventual thing, called:: complete and commonplace promotion.”
Indeed, was there everAnythingElseReally= but for… u-t-t-e-r and exemplary MISbehaving’s(?)

To consider ourselves A+GradeIrrEgUlaR+and daftlySuppressedindiviDUELS: IS(!) to have considered themselves ==definitely A-N-D(!!) DefiantlyOtherworldly.

But, to think, “they were doing all this
With their fist-of-mind utterly combinedAgainstABrickWallCalledCollapsingsOfOcd… .”
Nothing, nothing… NOTHING has ever been so VERY Cutthroat&CONtrary

Mark their words(!) “They ARE defying their own minds…

one step at a time.” When we share in one breath… their BEST=memories will breathe with that FRESH SENSE of rEalItY ((again!))

Nearly there now… … “Pow, Pow… P-O-W(!!)”