She stands right here unbelievably willing and able to break his bones laughing – he has come bearing something outright fantastical and she sees that she will need to be plain downright relaxed

And capable to an anointed point, of holding these quick-fire conversational masterpieces – each followed by their magically over-elongated own

Only of course courteous, yet this is all out beautifully curtailed by snail-paced upheaval
Either way they take themselves off to see it

The romanticised steal, and he sure as the day is settled hue-blue-brightly – perfectly gilded to glide inside of a wonderful and outrageously sought to be intertwined sweet, sweet rhyme-rhythmed limerick – feels it all

Gather your roam-the-city minds, altogether flighty aside almighty sprightly – this preordained fire is undeniable for its flamed worth soon as set to rapturous seed

And breathe to feed on her alabaster interior

Born by design