Looking for a damn fine vocalist
A girl with acres of talent
Who can go about lighting up the stage
Make even the most unmusical of people feel their age
The utter need to land themselves back in this world
Where a song can take them out of their overcooked mind for a time
Away from the absurd
She doesn’t have to be the prettiest thing in the world
But it helps
C’mon, we all like the look of a beautiful girl
But she has to be able to sing well
No room for a pretty face followed by a chorus of yelps
Somebody like Lisa Hannigan should do the trick
The kind of voice that makes you feel brand new
Even if you’ve had the worst morning out there
A great voice
Of course it doesn’t hurt that she has a face at which you can’t help but stare
So all I have to do is pen the perfect song
Meet this girl, make sure we get along
Don’t steer her wrong
Pay her in kind and both our ways we shall find
It is a rather romantic endeavour
No two ways
What will be will be
So they say
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see
Is that what I want, somebody pretty to sing my song
Or am I wrong
Am I thinking too far ahead
Only really using this girl, whoever she may turn out to be, so we end up in bed
I really don’t know
Can’t figure it out
But if you’re interested in any or all of the above feel free to give me a shout
And we’ll surely sort something out
You and I lighting up that stage
You take the plaudits in kind while I listen along
Get going with the lyrics for your next song
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