First with the monkey – suits
Dizzying heights longed to be reached, to breach the oft imagined surface
This thirst will busy itself right the entire way out
When finally anticipated
Sentimentally sedate to separate – these people from mere pretenders
A thousand – and one musically just notes to snare a worldwide mind, find what’s been mysteriously missing
Coax The Rhyme Right Back On Through Each ‘N’ Every Next One Of You
A buckled leathered cross-bow belt to melt a million teenage sophomore hearts, to part these once oh so festooned whereabouts of theirs
And to Goddamn amount
When gladragged eyes strap themselves to a particular price and permit four imaginatively creative pairs to dance amidst these painstaking flames
The fastidious wax to far outweigh the Merseyside wane
Downright soliloquy