The stars that came out that night gave him one almighty fright
The good kind
All he could find was joyous glee going on about the place
No longer thinking a million miles an hour, nothing but a sign of utter reprieve upon his face
Not a bother in the world, and if there were he knew all too well to leave it behind,  keep things ticking over, his the clearest of minds
His way he would always find as long as he concentrated on all that was good
Friends and family, the rest, never looking too far ahead, to try and impress those who didn’t matter
If needs be, opt right out, decide against giving someone who he never really liked in the first place a shout
This was all about him, commit a few sins and it didn’t necessarily mean disaster, just that he may be creating a few problems that needed plastering over for a while
He smiled because that was all that he ever felt like doing, each and every day new things starting to mean the world to him, even the most inconsequential things like a glass of cold water mid-gym
It was never supposed to be tough, and when times did get that way he readied himself in a way that made it far easier to soldier on with his day
Won’t get everything right, or even if he does, and he might, that won’t last forever, learn from your mistakes and you’ll reap what you sow
They say you see it a lot clearer when you get older, simply because you’ve had the time to learn from those many mesmerisingly wonderful mistakes
No regret at all, regret is for fools who don’t know how to live in the now
So on he would smile, on he would plough