This bitch sits – with a deadpan personality, she means no inner harm yet fails to disarm

This jaw dropped man, who can and will cut her down when family needs be

Blaspheming her very own grandchildren – the red-headed, pretty little converse-wearing photographer opposed to the bubbling ego, and here they go…

His words are stuck on curse and he must remain obviously accustomed to this 2-week stint, where personality and charm outlasts customary rudeness

She is, atop anything else, pretty f**king prominent – the rapturous old swamp-truck of an eye-soar, swarmed fair dastardly amidst what must’ve been hollier bliss…
Til she injected it all with distasteful poison

Eat your 5-star cake and take a class in ridiculing the right kind of people, you vapid, aged and seriously twisted mess unto your unbeknowing self – where is your flavour gone…

The only impression you ever get to make is sprayed in hideous hindsight-hilarious upon this wasted page

He wrote this soon as you spoke through him and never at him, the pen tickling his boredom back to life – where the focus notably goes to breathe

All of it