Let sleeping dogs lie ‘n’ what not
Tie this particular monster to the spot and watch him rot – besieged to the absolute bone, full to the absolute core with rabies
Maybe it did deserve it’s time in the forlorn sun after all, forcing this particular fella to grow a rather peculiar albeit stiffened backbone
No more moping about, letting Canine-Inside roar for all of eternity
So far from quality it truly was atrocious, memories locked away in a most disgusting box – polka dots perhaps, yet forever black-ribboned
Ill-equipped and utterly lost way out at sea, abrupt decision-making a foregone conclusion
Me for no more, no less than eighteen years, so near yet oh so far
Guttingly deluded
So far yet oh so near, hard to settle this lid atop its tumbling jar – on the absolute skids
Seems he’s willing to reach that little bit further this time round, sensitive words for sure
Pure enough words which may just manage to lasso then entice each ‘n’ every last one of us
Even those few who will always try that little bit harder to appear less than impressed by what it is he may just have to say
He must
Seems we’re all welcome to a slice of ‘literature’ on an absolute knife-edge