A lottery called credible people of somewhat sophisticated intelligence and broken to be beautiful ((AGAIN)) and in a most utterly advancing/both/advantageous manner of credible candour and ((ULTIMATELY)) timely survival. These PREVIOUSLY pedestrianised people of iconoclastic INTIMACY have been left ((BREATHLESSLY)) breathing above the pavements of these relevant and rebelistic streets… …

and into the early am. ((IMPROPER)) ‘til sitting perpendicularly upright & PURELY improper

No such feat anymore too difficult or even too contrary to be… preDOMINANTly pre=imagined but for their matter-of-fact minds to miraculously manoeuvre and … … … in a most magnificent manner.

Aiming to s-l-e-e-p mysteriously withIN these majestic & dilapidated manor$- one man one WOMAN—


And, carrying with them: A CLAN CALLED COURAGE under FIRE !