There is this lazy-faced insinuation that we’ve all of us been.. borrowing our imaginations from another such realm
Of Unimaginable universal sedation/ been casing the joint and causing- ceaselessly- ALL these unbelievable peOpLe to STOP!! believing in their VERY OWN falsely negotiated notions anymore!

As they settle their travel-of-mind to find
A fulcrum of artistic evidence, IS to enhance(!!!) their STANDING stance

… Put UPon this brilliant and equALLy BeWiLdeRiNG earth

Of ours, theirs… theoretically speaking, it HAS to HAVE belonged to EVERY BODY which sequesters inside of its very own aforeMENTIONED s-o-l-i-t-u-d-e of SiTuAtIoNal mind(!)

And, someHOW(!?), still strenuously attempting to leave
What is unanswered affably unANSWERED
Hard? Hardly.

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