Their is a sentimental re-education of, if anything else.. prioritised lies, lies that can and absolutely SHALL

Reiterate its definite and deafening sense of BOTH… … … … … deceptive and remotely imaginative design.

Something sent deepest Yet… ‘til inescapably FRAYED AT the end of our dancing rope, h-o-p-i-n-g it will realign.. SOME time- – – & set ((itself)) AGAINst the profundity of rhyme and IrRegular concentration… … ..

Remember IT, though! The rope is an EVERLASTING ((AND imaginative sense of creative)) coping-mechanism, a falsified imprisonment (meant to matter!!)

Mind: Artists who find ALL OF THE TIME, and W(ILL) feel it amid a fit of paralysing laughter &dissociative associative deSIGN