Their eyes have seized something; a little big bit universal, actually. It’s NOT precisely been an A-C-T but rather this…

Developmental thing nestled cReAtiVelY aMidSt: the eyesore of the century. What we seem to seek to see is

Paused-for-thought? “Absolutely and CERTainly a self-defining ENDEAVOUR OF

Attractively radiant reprisal: ALL eyes(!?)” Indeed, they will find themselves to have been… WonderingWhyExactlyItIs(?!?) that they canNOT begin —>>>

To beg themselves, plEASE; to represent every other little mediocre thing of

InvaluABLE indulgences. They’ve slaughtered their VERY own taste-of-thought times-a-Thousand SANDS

AND the tone-of time has been TYPICALLY attemptingLIKECLOCKWORCKrAzY…….
—-> to atone for something ELSE.. utterly — eagerly