How ever will we manage to make it all happen all over again…

Shock ‘n’ awe, slow ‘n’ steady… ready to flick that scintillated flame of dancing deceit and rain like welter-skelter crazy

Because, Baby Blue, I knew you soon as you started to pour atop my insatiable everything – and you absolutely f**king can be everyone’s simply suggestive, radiantly pressed sensationally against, sensually stressed plaything

You are forever ringing near my pin-pricked ears.. every other tick-tock, flower power hour of the delirious day on out there


We’re just about to be shit outta luck here, m’dear…
so rewire your beautifully corrupt brain and tuck the f**k on in … And Please, Be Sure As Candy Cane Sugar, To Dress Yourself Pencil-Skirt Thirsty… And Go All Over My Thumping Torso Again

Many have tried, most have failed

Lean in three-sixty and let me touch to taste your feckless face
Whisper to settle these scintillated bee-sting lips, outlandishly near…

My attitude has already been building itself up inside of your mind, to fashion your bohemian design by imaginative desire

The pen is cracked and we’re back in the game – and so you are nakedly aware,

I take None Of It Back…