Their torpedo-like thoughts ought to have worn their very own badgering of badge. Their messedUPemotionsScatterCRASHED like no-ones business anymore(!) However, and this part will matter moreThan TheirTheOryOfOcDbrAiN EVER can Imagine

“That the point of paralysis need-not-remain anImmediateThingNomore.”

Abhorrent, UProarious and certainly
Not worth the weight of this whole snide-world of improperly-sourced-people, indeed —-“we are (NOT?!) in need

Of a suddenMOSTquickfix, and she seems to want to shall: HAVE-TO(…) radiate”

With her own source of invaluable information- this bRaInAndMindFirst: it need not have ever felt so very outlandishly UNTRUSTWORTHY — although

She will always be: a sister to someone’s brother’s mother’s sense of SoulfulSurvival. “Maybe.” But, to be honest, we are kinda beyond the point of doing the math on that one anymore… .

“Oh, but… our love for (THIS!!) life does pour… between the hazardous cracks, come back

For more.”