They haven’t even seemed to be seen to have stopped divulging their greater senses of drinking all too much alcohol anyMORE(… …) whilst their malfunctioning minds fail at finding/FUNDING the time- to bring it all back to a plACE, of alcohol free aforementioned indulgence and JUDGEmEnTaL priorities. We seem to want to H-A-V-E to feel ((bad?!) for these particular people of diagnosed genetic atrophy (of heart) because ——-

Perhaps, how’s about tHEy DID NOT ACTUALLY: ask for A-N-Y of this whatsoever at all.

He’s been learning to turn the sleeping-sidewalk into his nearest AND DEATHLIEST friend-

Is IT pending (?)
Even been drinking inside the I-N-N-E-R insides of his homeless mind instead, and st(ILL)

As sullen and worn away as ANY one single person can choose to have been able to handle it ((none too well))

Yet… he will grab himself by the arrested development of his layabout of laurels again and evening time try… …

NOT to vilify: his MeAnDerInG oF alcoholic-MinD(!) Shy as he may well get to be, HOW(!?) can he NOT actuALLy all-of-HIM

Miraculously Manage At placing his aforeMENTIONED pUlSaTiOn of r—-acing BrAin back together aGAIN;

JUST one piece alongside… anotHER type of P-E-A-C-E, perhaps(?!?) Oh, how we do try. To remind his as to what is precisely wonderful