They’ve been permitted to feel a rather high octane sense of momentary consequences- been eagerly rhapsodising when it suddenly came to their past-tense probabilities, these mathematical men AND women

Of undeniable and heaving AND HEALTHY smiles –
No more simple sense of mathematics FOR THEM but for.. “JUST how easy it may actually appear to be!”

“They roll the numbers around with their tantalised tongues ‘til it manages to make nonsensical sEn€e within the economical state of their

Focus-first bRaIn: it is indeed a merry AND mathematical DaNce happening steadily-both-JoviALLy with-IN

– and the levels of answers are starting to feel
– Like a sumptuous source of ArT all on its own: spontaneous AND rioToUsLy re-CONfigured until..

their minds(aforeMENTIONED AND said…) make manoeuvrable sEnSe