The time it takes to take the time of TuMult to inexplicably multiply these adventures inside

“Their own sense of MinD!” These minutiae little secrets which they will keep (for themselves only noBODY ElsE.) ‘Cept of course for their favourite forefathers, those same lifelong people of posthumous AND HuMorOuS(!!) industry

Between them- She and He and They.. the sWaY(!) of meandering and artistic hands has simultaneoUSly been
A hopscotch, a mismatch: a PURE(!) AND unpronounceABLE plACE OF… you guessed it again..

S UP their rigorous sleeves/ these thieves in the night, thick AND NONE-TOO-T-I-C-K, actually, but rather

They living the dream off of THEIR very own favOURite forefathers… …
Brought back to TaSk to bear and oh, So Sparingly…

‘Til NO SUCH itinerary blushes are in fact LEFT … a must / Amongst these working/class people of fictitious AND fACTitioUS inDUSTry