She seems to be a rather keen little individual indeed, who carries with her this seriously insatiable ability – suited and Lou Boutin booted to an utter point of delicately arisen consternation

These humorously steadfast men come in their undeniably charming aside utterly quick-smart droves
They the only ones who simply have to matter the very most

She, the at-first white doting dove … to their inescapable glove of un-held happiness – albeit ‘free as a bird’ on her very own honest-to-goodness terms

– These cusses deserve themselves to fall from stripped lips endlessly for she is genius

We will sit here either paved way forth and attempt as best we absolutely shan’t … to earn it all once pressed blessedly, oh so fucking unforgettably/impressively against … till magically witnessing her feathered wings rumble and righteously arise right over her silkened shoulder

We will always and forever get to be peripheral people to her prioritised proceedings and we have to remember this above anything else

Till, to please only ever her treasured self truly has to appear to mean everything to us
The whole wide-eyed world is just about readying itself preparatory, to watch her fantastically fabricated-from-passion upheaval

She has placed her rip-torn cards upon the table of deceit time again … and twisted and turned and painstakingly, brain-stakingly, earned her very own place upon this planet, soon as said consternation nods its head and waves goodbye – arisen constellations align

Paralysed demons shall eventually reconsider to respect the crying sorrow in their very own lonesome eyes

When she mirrored her demise back upon them