A depth to their own understanding that has its own cyclical shape and surrounded by All These Upper Class, loWer-cased people who do not want to make a positive take itself on a turn toward —

Neanderthal and happening nEgatiVeLAND. They’ve nervously sorted to sooth their own mind’s brain and negated themselves, too, for the sake of everyone else’s state of upwardly BliS$. It IS a thing which happened to them all(all of US, actually) — that has its gripped and griping foothold over us all: a

Gut wrenching level of pure and utterPANIC can do one of ten things actually. To send these asylumSEEKING PEOPLE totally madeUP OF maD(ness) and back to “rest again” bed yet again..

//\\ or utterly, perfectly PertUrbed at how their world worked ((its way our from under
Beneath-ly something so very mentally manoeuvrable that we cannot even recall it all = that… seen to be insignificant thing With mellow faced wings peppered with purely problematic bEwIlder

“In other people’s eyes and minds Maybe(??)”