If they were developing the necessity then they were CERTAINLY developing the need.. for THE ultimate sake of sending these other individuals back to … being..

Of another race and time and TiMidLy Repressive Place(..) “The narrative RAN(… … ..) itself RaGgEd AnD CoLd~As~Ice, while these other

Peripherals resolutelyRepeated themselves… down to the very last word, actually.” They ARE——>>>

Iconically self~aware and FOR THE SAKE of having been worshipped to theBone and its breakEVEN(..) bEnD.. these pair of poised repetitive OffEndErS with much of nothingness in them LEFT—

“Yet we do.. abstain ourselves from having (((had))) been doing the e-n-t-i-r-e-l-y incorrect and WrOnG ThInG// tautology says we’ve “wasted” our lives and nightly minds Upon

—-)) yet another set of extracurricular Events.” Remembered, RErelaxed, and AboutToActAsDaftly as.. can ever be(!!)
Breeze-blocks n ALL- they really can go effThemselves
and Any~which~way they please. Because.. all of the wrought~iron quotes in the world have

Their own EmOtioNal OcEan and utterly dependent upon

— one singular person’s Swan~song Mood of manyMEN. And on the flip~side of AnTaGonIsm, there is this downright amazing feeling for having been —

“Signing themselves on the DottedLine.”