Battling back they seem to have inundated themselves with a sense of Sophistication and Awareness: yes it is a real and rather interesting endeavour because… and THIS part is absolutely bloody IMPORTANT, that they have tied the actual wrought IrOn WeIgHt

Of their intelligent mind to the shape of this inescapable NEED(!) to write

Right?! Wrong?!! They don’t actually appear to give a toss in the end, HEAVILY dependent upon the puddle thick DEEPNESS

That is, the MeSs caused immediately right by
Their utterly imbalanced OcDbRaIn, a pain which holds no tale in ReAliTy but for

This shameless sense of upside down detail it left within their BATTLEBACKBRAIN
Mark their every single detail of continual word, please… …

Because “this is My miracle of mind”: living, BreAtHinG, seething.. and STILL meaning to make it all make some kind of lOpSidEd sense again

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