If we get into another barfly brawl AT NIGHT then, undeniably, we are gonna have to dra _g—-> ourselves/our sorry ass(es) home by — the shirt-collar of l!Fe/Guinness-stained “Why’s(??)”. And if we really wanna make it seem as if we’ve jumped thru enough roughly-cut hoopLoles(?!?) and ALWAYS in a Grade_a straitjacket€d shade of misinterpreted delirium, we might just need to == understand what it was that earned our most truest inebriated trust
“In the 1st, 2nd, 3rd… … etc. etc. place-“
It’s been this regular night-crawl with beer=Goggles for “yes=MAN!!” eye$ and _ _} all sorts of other desired dressingUP replications of òur favOURite super, ahem.. “ZEROEEEEES(!!)”