We were making mistakes INSIDE OF OUR HAVE-A-HEART minds when the particular necessity for mammoth mistakes MeAnt everythingReally; we were e-v-e-n helping ourselves to((((yet…))))another level of

— courageous Understanding: singing in the RipRoaring(!!) of rain when our LEATHER+faces and LethargicallyENHANCED+brains made less than
LessEager(..) sense

It’s just like that now and possibly FOR-never, actually. And… “what we have been to feel was

Defiant and derogatory(and)in the face of blissTHRILLED, NONnegotiable COMPREHENSION.” And “Yes.” these words mustn’t always have to have had made… … serendipitoUS(!!) senses and, Y-E-T—

We do do this different LITTLE-thing whereIN:: to endeavourOurSelves against the Grain HAD to M-E-A-N

a whole+lot+of+things. Indeed: “what occurs from here to WHERE=in(??) really isn’t all its mundaneNature(matterOfFACT)appears to have been

CRaCkEdUP tO Be” —- eagle=minded and =worded as per (UN)usualTerritory and somehow though(????)
they went noseToNOSE—

with their pUlSaTiNg hAnDS AndArtisanFists Exposed to the ((E-X-P-L-O-S-I-V-E)) throat—

Of yet another Dostoyevskian=devil perhaps. And “how(??)” may Y-O-U do this particular sort of really oughta have beenBeautifullyBenevolent thing(?!) but.. “by.. mentALLY b-e-i-n-g::: relatively ‘deficient’ AND+reticent with ourselves this Time.”

She watches the windows to another world with the other worn-out WomenSittingAndSmilingInside

.. and smiles to herself. NOT ABOUT TO (((ever))) get to forget//

j-u-s-t(!!) how well they exposed themselves to the WHOLE+WIDE=WORLD OF e-x-p-l-o-s-i-v-e truth and for the sake of feeling

Far-reaching and FRIGHTFULLYfree — .

As they whisper it well and in equalUnison:: “yes, this one’s onMe.” There’s a SUN up there somewhere and it

Isn’t Just. One