If they accepted it all then they expected a SUDDEN uptake in the GENeral Scheme of things. They even seem…

Rather relaxed and RedUndAnt these dAzE. It’s probable that we didn’t do the right thing even if it didn’t feel that particular way. “We’ve hindsighted it all actually and it feels A-OKAAAAAY(!) to’ve watched

It cross paths with yet another monster of a MISSION.” And if it is beer and stale Sangria on their SLINGSHOT lips then

We will do well to have had a few TOOMANY(…) There’s a torpedo at the centre of all these points OF “PHEW(!!)” and it craves its

State of…. official delirium. “It craves the need to’ve done a few… epically misaligned things actually.”

—- if we fall then they will fall ALL with ‘em. “It’s rhapsodic to realise we’ve just entered out of that stage of UNofficial juxtaposition.” And if they r-e-a-l-l-y, like… … reallllllly wanna deliver the deeds par for the course…

Let’s let ‘em:: “deliVer it and at whatever/WhiChEver pace suits their – – ->> locational permission.” Because, as rumour has it, they’re readily AVAILable

to anticipate this next state, AND STAGE… … of official HysteriA