What you’d be seeking RIGHT HERE AGAIN is to search searingly for a sense of stifling understanding because what had happened shall perhaps matter of fact happen YET again – it’s been bringing with it a locational sense of geographical bliss

BECAUSE THE LOCATIONAL WHEREABOUTS actually MEANS next to… NOTHING/ she’s been bringing with her this aforementioned singular sense of so very special aforementioned understanding(!)

The artist excites themselves to swipe for a ten-thousandth time, oh my; how excited can-both-could one singular person have EVER been

Credibly keen-eyed and readily preprepared to stand tall and all and ASK(!!) for yourselves to open WIDE-SHUT NOW: your wiring of troublesome AND TirEd EyeS

They’ve (EVEN)!been to desire (DAMNNEAR) everything, actually, which does indeed sing with-IN

The inner insides of their deliciously delicate-both-agelessly dilapidated soil-of-soul

These are the silent people, indeed, who w-i-l-l switch-off their mEaNdErInG of mInD… when needs be asking for them

To beautifully-both-FULLY bask in their VERY own sense of balanced… you guessed it(!)