Josh Rouse
When it comes to his reputation
He seems as quiet
As a mouse
But his lyrics are great
Quiet Town one of
My favourite
Thinking about checking him
Out in Spain
Come the summer time
With a good friend of mine
Who’s dedication towards him
Is insane
He introduced me
To the singer’s
Music you can
Relax to
Utterly unwind
But it’s Quiet Town’s lyrics
That will forever remain in my mind
We’ll get to meet the artist
A deal made by his producers
God damn seducers
Drinking beers in Spain
Where life’s worries
Can go ahead & wane
Being introduced to
A new artist
Is always a mental drain
But only in the best way possible
Josh Rouse
One like no other
A humble attitude
Plus plenty of fortitude
Doesn’t have to
Shoot from the hip
Rather let his lyrics
Do the trick