Maybe they just want simple prose, simple and straight forward stories that keep their normalcy ticking over. Yeah, probably that is it. And that’s entirely frustrating and suffocating for me. And so, to avoid utter literary suffocation, I have somehow inadvertently managed to become the most suffocating writer of literature in this country. Whoops. But it’s right there all awhile and carrying a goddamn banging heartbeat of its own, that perceived to be unattainable wish to write unputdownable prose. And I don’t just mean unattainable by a few people’s imaginative standards, but for the whole gamut of my diction to be truly tasted and devoured by the largest readership yet to have been unearthed. The energetic necessity that lies wide-awake within me to have to eventually succeed in constructing the most enrapturing style of writing is, if I try and take the perspective of impartial spectator for a moment, most probably a tad bit outlandish.