They’ve been professionally mollycoddling their own minds awhile their very own sense of impending situation

To feel – delicately both deceptively real. Why have we not told
Them a ten thousandth term of suggestion?! Because, seemingly they’ve been

Forced to wipe clean their own tears again. It’s gonna take a gargantuan amount of time for them to

Reevaluate their very own state… of mental-faced bliss. I do not realise that all aforementioned eyes have been silently closed now and for all

Of three decades long – that is called a survival and singular teaching of technique and it is

Not the easiest endeavour for them in the world, actually. Give them
An olive branch, PLEASE(!) Make it much more than
AforeMENTIONED EasyforThem: distinguishABLE people of singular course and cause.. we did, Though…

We paused … … for all of another meditation of hourLongSurefiresurvival technique,

and to feel their merry sense of pOwerLeSs pOrtRaYaL IS NOT the greatest taste of Pain

Any woman, indeed(!!) We are free for a fine and argumentative fee: of paper-thin (MIS)behaving’s. That is an iCONic amount of money and it IS rather ironic and it WILL be burnt at the stake – gladly ignored and forever forSAKEn.