Larry and Bastareaux, my two minor amigos
With a resolute plan forever in place
To set fire to the third bar, on a par and far, far more
Rock each and every single show, fill each and every single bar
The instrumentalist and the writer, and sometimes a guitar
A pair of extraordinarily outlandish perfectionists
To a real point of no return
Earned their stripes in the beginning, adding to their mix the oddest of oddballs, not to mention makeshift singers
But that’s alright
Sting that crowd into early submission with mesmerising lyrics and a piano that cannot but flow
A few beers here and there too, of course
To socialise, create a vault of the fondest of memories where with added on time they get the chance to wildly reminisce
The penny finally dropped when along came a record producer, said that these Irish fellows had somehow managed to unequivocally seduce her