Do we really own our own source of information or was it all a crux of a most madly kind(?) These… “Vaguely Vagabond Eyes, oh why” have they not interfered DELIGHTFULLY with everything else anymore? And were we

Really spider-legging it about the place at…. undeniable pace(?) That’s, INDEED, the thinking person’s opinion-of-choice:: matter of SPONTANEOUS fact

AND… … we WERE running dry on words to utilise… “this… singing, sweeping.. swimming thingWithin which brings its own

Source of merry forecast inside of our blue-collar minds.” We haven’t been up to much these days AND LATELY…

Although, MUCH rather ordering ourselves to be … … perfectly honest about it all.

We did the work, we e-v-e-n shovelled~the~shit back to its most BasicState of interpretation, and it seems to’ve

Dragged the aforementioned HONESTY right to the surFACE of our
Happiness+of+heart indeed. “When it all boils down to it

We were sitting with our fingers wonderfully eNtAnGlED gloriously amidst:: this complete and utter

State of far-feeling homeliness.” Lights on: it’s about the REQUIRED~placement of HER piano-hands actually… .
And it’s ******* FANtastic to feel this kind of a Reality …