Had to happen at breakneck speed – one beautiful and pretty little pristine thirty-month young baby
Taken in the crucifying blink of a soon to agonisingly assume itself to be waterfell eye
These preciously devoted people simply DO NOT deserve for This treacherously stirring to distastefully, fair petrifyingly occur thing
to strip them of their every known belovedly sent gift from above
The poisonous piston of pain can and will – tame an entire fallen/open-mouthed town, namely Skibbereen
When her heartbeat met its worst case scenario – black-ribboned arrow bestowed despairingly upon
Toys to destroy an imaginably unaltered atmosphere of which – so near to treasure one such stressed morning ’til deplorably Distilled in a most unfathomable fashion
The latter word holds no real feeling, far too serene to ever suppose to equate to aforementioned This
Down upon their none too metaphorical knees…
Please, oh Chriiist, pleeease!!! Give Us Just One Memory Left
To righteously settle said selves
aside say when
we just Must Begin to finally Trust in long-overdue spiritual intent…
Above all else meaning
Yes, we now place our broken hearts in your ethereal grasp
Do you have to ask xx