He thought about nothing
Other than what he was doing
Right then
When something was up
He turned his head away
Let it happen at will
A focused mother f**ker
For sure
The most focused in the world
Absolutely nothing phased him
A funeral…
A wedding…
They were all the same
Smiling all the way through
A fitting enough smile
For the funeral of course
Whenever people asked
How he remained so calm
He just told them
What’s the point in worrying
About anything
It’ll happen anyway
What a way to live your life
Let your personality run it’s true course
Whenever he saw a person in a fix
He laughed
Because it made no such sense to him
At all
He was the lucky one
Because this was rare
Something he was willing to share
With his lovely girlfriend
A worrier of sorts
But not anymore
Not after listening to what
He had to say
Watch the day…
Soak itself away