She smiled through the pain because that’s what she’d been told to do
“Never, EVER shed a tear”
Whenever people took it upon themselves to draw near she felt an utter need to be the best that she could be
Why this has to mean no such tears nobody really knows, disallowance when it comes to showing any sign of the fear that might be going on inside of her head
She smiled, she laughed through the terrible dread, nobody need know that she had spent the entirety of her day fastened to her bed, sweat pouring ’til hers were clothes ready for their umpteenth wash in a week
No way to live but, as they said, nobody need know
How could they, hers a depression that took her down as soon as she made it on home, the mind left all too dangerously to its own devices, slicing away at her intellect
No way to think, and as soon as she did take a drink, although a short and sweet relief right there, it never helped quell any of the burgeoning pain, just added to the onslaught the following morning