I knew a woman one time
A terrible woman with a tremendous core-line
Entirely dedicated to drinking nothing but red wine
For all I know if we could go ahead an open up her veins then they would surely be to God spill with disdain
Rain red
Blood and wine somehow convinced her to believe that she is dining with our lord
A hapless sod, an alcoholic does indeed know no better
Weather-beaten, worn out feet on, a strong albeit sombre backbone
Steering herself in all too often the wrong direction
Seems what softens the soul is no good for Noel
No such hope at all
A distant father, a hazardous mother
Not to mention that drug-addled brother
A mind that will never manage to find it’s way again
I do pity her and that God awful slur
That atop her pitter-patter
So very ugly that we will forever await with uncertain anticipation the transformation of the ducking into a swan
One town’s dedication to standing by a forgone conclusion, no such overnight sensation here
Falsity, illusions