Not EVERYONE will take to your rhyme, Brian, just the way it is I’m afraid
That said, you do seem to have this unquenchable thirst when it comes to freeing these words from your head
So now that Heaney is dead will you perhaps take his place, and if so are you all too prepared to appear ashen-faced owing to the pressure heaped upon you
Or will it work perfectly, it all about the attention really
I mean, you’re terrifically steely when it comes to what you want, actually heard lately that you want to turn one of your more recent poems into a song
But I wonder, do you really have what it takes, or is all of this rhyme that climbs about your page a substitute for writing a real book, something that you really want to take to the people
You wrote about Heaney being atop the steeple when it came to his poetry, is that true, is that how you feel or do you like him now because he is gone, adding that extra dash of mystery to this poet’s particular song
An out and out icon now
Tell me this too, are you in it to win it or are you filling your time with your so-called rhyme ’til something better comes along, something that turns out far too strong for you to ignore
I mean, I do believe that you quite like to write about whores
And I don’t really like that, it’s plain downright irritating, goes about turning your rhyme flat
I know that’s not your thing so why sing about it, tits don’t need to be read of, how they bounce about when accompanied by some strange fella inside his bed
So I’ll tell you this, write on but be sure to stay strong when it comes to knowing what people might like
And you never know, before too long you might just end up atop that steeple too, joining Heaney and all that went before him, his own glory
So Brian, please continue to tell me your particular story