What if, though, we really walked about with our eyes and minds denied An Awful LottA Hecticity. And what if, maybe, they said these

Extracurricular things to sHaKe AbouT AND OUT —- “our state of undeniable insight? It’s 3 heady months Already Into The Year

And we appear perfectly calm and brushstroke soothed actually.” The thing about pouring ten thousand mugs of Decaffeinated Awareness whilst our eyes and minds became outRAGED is that

— nobodyELSE ever informs you as to the utter necessity to “act immaculately well worn-out and Utterly Upside Down ABOUT YOURSELF anyway.”

The particular way we did things, though, seemed to have their very own wAyS with

== “making us feel, ahem… inebriated for fr€€, for a carefree fee of next to utterly nothing.” And if she really wished for that aforesaid soothing sense of besotted AwaReNess TO seriously TAKE PLACE then she’d have to

== “someHOW(??) CONstipate her very own state == of carefree ARTiculate necessity and to gather the truth about THE things that really did

++ bring {WITH THEM} their own (ONLY) vErS!oN of determined AND Total calmness.”