My life didn’t last too long in the end
Once they blotted out my name and placed me upon that drip
Stripped me of all my gear…
Whispered in my ear: “You’re ill-equipped to deal with this, but we are sooo glad that you came.”
A different kind of dependency altogether
Chills running right down my spine, seems they always could find a way to say what it was they came to say
Leaving me utterly unable to unearth mine
One thing’s for sure, this boy has had far better days
I do worry about my mother and father too – ailing in their own right
Not to mention my youngest daughter Sue – the one with the golden/grey curls – who sought from the beginning to divert those injections
To save what is blemished gold
What will she ever tell her two girls
It wasn’t her decision
Try as she might to distract my attention
No interjection was ever going to work
The feeling that I am losing right now
“Hold on oh so tight… .”
Eyes slowly drifting downwards, falling upon the cold-as-ice hospital ground
My arm drops but I hear no sound