Indeed, if it is the conundrum that caught its own breath then they might like to have — dissolved themselves of all past misfits of UtterIrregularity anyway; to act garishly-both-RARELY real ((and)) at a Knot Of NEVER e-v-e-r stopping

They have paUSed to passively pass-the-time, they’ve even aLtered (+additionally+) their state of impending uncertainty really(!) “We have officially (not) been dipped within depths of insomnia-indUced deeply depression, and it feels(had to have felT) utterly, aHeM, anecdotal actually.”

What they have gained though Will’ve been ++ its very own RATE OF rarity of Thing… .. AND watching things for the sake of —- sending themselves back to beD and for the point of

—— purely pAraLysinG all of their agonised ‘lies of the mind’ (.)