To confiscate her DEAFening sense of confusion is to Bravely dislocate herself from these PETRIFYING moments of uncertain determination- a call to Alarmed arms.. as she meditatively takes… … a thousandth.. MILLIONTH… deeply begotten breath and

Into her Number-ONE circUS !

Vehemently prepared to bring oRdEr and chaos to the centre-of-surroundings and to punch a million WAYS above her weight/WAIT.. …

And what CAN we do NOT to envy her SO suddenly soon but to CLOSE our DEEPLY dishonest eyes? Yet, Were we Ever even a part of her histrionic AND ENCYCLOPAEDIC history, or so sIMPLY soon left to Blatantly REMAIN: these forlorn and unjustly people

Of careless (re)whisperings and chosen ADULTery?