When legends aren’t supposed to make any EXCEPTIONAL sense except to see everything we didn’t

With their staple diet of designing something from nothing they were eagerly aware to impress — these utter judgemental people of

Precarious, “who-could-CARE-less whereabouts(!)” — ultimately what they have felt is this… insisting f-e-e-l-i-n-g of

Being irreparably brand new and acting ironically ICONIC too. Really, all of these epically NON-PURCHASABLE things which cannot but be noticedANDnoted for..

their WHOLE fucking UPSETTING worth— it’s getting all a little big bit repetitive IN THERE too, and they can do the BEST……….. ….

To Fend to f**k for themselves. Make amends and break the Agonised SCENT of cLasHinG~pennies in ten/TwEntY qUaRtErS of a DAFTly halfPERHAPS …. as they Tease us to the bones of our disgustingly FLAMBOYANT souls

— and ((always)) causing that aBsTracT state of official~delirium to proceed.. “mother effinnnnnng clearly(?!)”

These DIVINGminds that can and WILL: do their own sort of utmost SUBMERGED thing whilst we LUCRATIVELY indulge

our Vacant~~senses again. “Supremely stinking at the core OF THE Catastrophic strength of—-)) improbable enthusiasm….. actually.”

“When they do… ask U 2 reEd creatively NBtweeeeen Dese Distracting lines pleeeeesssse.”

“SEEMS::’There’s a sleeping masterpiece trying to SeEtHe and at a pace of BRISTLED breath(.)”

Always —. And you’d do very well NOT to incite it back to life Just Yet.