These people have played their game with ultimate and openwide eyes- have very nearly fixed their natural gaze back upon these other people of outstanding aplomb and pAnIc oF panache. With a sideorder and added addition of absolute ‘smash-and-GRAB ONOMATOPOEIA’, they shall –

Act ALL kinds of advantageous and SERIOUSLY settled in one sincere instance,

of laugh out… L-O-W “OVER-indulgences..”

They like to take their time and pause for… a secretive and impassioned inSTANCE because- these were N-E-V-E-R nothing but for… Their Upsidedown and TwIsTeDhOmEtRuThS which really had

No place whatsoever(!) at all anymore, With-IN their might of… “starry-eyed mind!?”

We are ALL actually STANDING fair happily TOGETHER again and considerably content to remain

… riOtOuS AND rosy-RED cheeked in equal measurement…

and WeWillCheerOurselvesUp(!!) time again with that famously sarcastic STRENGTH-of-smile which c-a-n take us for mere EAGER miles… …

“Why?” Because, I guess, we HAD to, HAVE TO; we MUST do whatever we might wish Ourselves to do

IN s-p-a-r-i-n-g our BLUE-BLOODED blushes from that rush of blood to the head – and, inevitably(!!) “back. To. BeD we go again.”