Oh so subtle changes taking place right now
Necessary changes
I’m feeling much better, a lot fitter
Able to run around town without thinking things through
Leave myself bluer than blue
Able to eat my breakfast without the endless fret
An out and out threat to my overall happiness
Take a look about the place at a snail’s pace
Certainly a change
My range is opening right up
Cook a hearty fry for my Mom in the morning
When I wake around seven she and Dad will be the ones still snoring
Oh so subtle changes
Able to help them with the small things for once
Upon a time I wasn’t all that able
My mind unable to breathe beneath the rubble of OCD that decided to
Fall in my direction
Now I’m good to go
Let the rhyme take me to the next level
Become something of a poetic rebel
Starting to read what other poets have to say
And it isn’t too bad
I’m glad I gave them the chance
Because that’s what I’m looking for
A chance to let my words dance on a page or ten
Then will I be truly happy?
I don’t know
Guess I’ll just have to keep my head down
Go with the flow
Maybe I’ll see you again inside the pages of a book
Wish me luck