If we naturally inclined toward utter shamefulness then we didn’t even bring ourselves to the TABLE: “of reparable dreams. We’ve enticed ourselves enough times to understand the riotous rhythm +plus+ RhYme inside

Unobstructed minds.” We try not to mention peripheral people ever again, even if we’ve stood the rest of time inside our
Bodies and minds. Separated for the sake of selling ourselves as seriously-BOTH-supPOSEdly separated individuals with too many thoughts to dismantle IT ALL in 1-GO. It (really)

Isn’t that they treat it with disdain but that they can’t — even start at summarising what actually happened inside. “And… if they croak and die and smile a last smile… then we might like to remove our claw-grip from her NEGLECTED neck (again). And wait a FAIR(??!) while..

For the blood to gurgle and her SM!LE to Cry.