They’re these.. shall we prey… absolute versions of one another’s ultimately intelligent nemesis. They seem to’ve been blown-away at the state — of a didactic man’s best aforesaid. We like to pull the walls away and watch what they really will be like WHEN. THEY. CRAWL..

we even like acting akin to some sort of sizeable superheroes, “indeed!”

There’s been a whole lot of heartache and a thousand-and-ten houses on the periphery bRoKeN iNtO aGaIN(..) Truly, she doesn’t like how they

Exact their riotous revenge over their aforesaid, “and if she really seems to see it again she’ll
Break her everything trying for utter ******* delinquency.” What they do is they – rush-on-out again and fix their favourite-FAVOURED-faces and try to make sense of

An aforesaid intelligent man’s Also-Ran existence anyway(!!) Indeed, they didn’t do it with a blood-ridden gun, they did it all with a few too many ( million !!!! ) HARD AND H!TT!NG puns