They’ve fended for themselves and for far too long an instance of, Ahem.. instantaneous time. It’s a badgering and beleaguered affair spared, actually, judgementally between

Two enviouslyambivalentPeople: Pie-eyed bastards and Bastardesses that they all are..

NOT in-fact supposed to go any further than that.. “incredible sense of Happiness-under-commonplace-Fire- and it IS farreeeeaching, indeed(.)”

No bothering to breathe too DEEPLY: no nothing ((whatsoever)) at all anymore. But… for…

A walk and wander on the Dark-side ofKnifeEdgeDereliction, actuALLY(!) were they really PERHAPS, perCHANCE… ALLIES ALL AWHILE

“Wearing THE mostFalsifiedSmilesKnown to anyangeredManANDDamn dastardWoman(?!)”

Who knows and who DAMN(!!) caresAnymore, “Let’s Watch Them Stare one another SqUaRe in their

Mother-effingFaces for the price of aforementioned AngeredDerelictionOfKnifeEdgeBrain” —

“yes!” It is and it isn’t InSaNe, so to speak

… with pitchforks WEDGED(!)ATTHECENTRE of our aforeSAID brains.” Plainly put.. we won the world over…. our cold shoulder.