It’s a nice and ultimately RE-defining and (deafeningly) difficult day for these mile-a-minute artists of artisticALLY enhanced intent… UPon working the size and WeightAND MIghT of their “Say-It-So-Very-Well” and manoeuvrable mInDs: toward some such sarCASTically enhanced SENSE

OF uttER PREStige of radicalised PRE-Awareness: and “they have actually worn their hearts ‘til put UPon their tattoo-EMBLAZONED sleeves and, WHOLEheartedly(!!)… anticipated damn n-EARLY(!) everything?!

AbrUPt and, actually… pretty DAMNnear(!) spectacular to witness-and-watch —

Awhile these self-proCLAIMED creators sit and Stand ANDask tHeiR envy-magnetising minds…

for COMPLETE and commonplACE(!) comprehension again – to quench their very own stay-awhile thirsts, “it’s a trust thing… a glorified gut-instinct!”

And it DOES, in-fact,
Deeper still, “Into the heART of their artistic matter, ACTUALLY.”