Yes! They’ve been watching the world crash.. with added anger and AngSt. Been watching their high/wired and High-Worded mInDs unearth the t.i.m.e

They MUST JUST f-i-n-d a suitably substantial AND narrow/minded way to say EXACTly what they f-e-e-l WHEN they see—

So damn-much, indeed, that it does appear to have unanimously been… WaItInG – WILDLY – for their mere-eAgEr ToUcH:

“Oh, but to beautifully broach the surefire and sugar/COATED surface SOME MOOOORE(!!) may JUST T-A-K-E… …”

An unidentifiable amount of conscientious clout, whereby they will BEGin to bReAk(!) their Artistically/ENHANCED brains RIGHT NOW…

“NerVouSlY! And, Yet, STILL… deafeningly STANDING!!”

And wishing to bring with them, This SINGULAR SONG-WORD of SOOTHING Comprehension yet again, which w-i-l-l scream and careen in Equal unison, perhaps.

A deafeningly self/sacrificial thing, in-DEED… And, safest for US to sit, sEtTlE ourSeLvEs down to this designated dinner and S-A-Y

… That it has “ALL/OF/IT been: a mind/aLtErInG hullabaloo of a most unimaginable kind” —

‘Cept only ever of course(with horses for courses!) inside of their VERY(!) own MONSTROSITY of
(Un)identifiable MinD.

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