“So, Brian, how have you been doing?”
My doctor sat there twiddling his thumbs, following what must have been a million and one patients he seemed like he’d had enough
As though he were saying “tough, you have this disorder and you need to learn how to cope without these meetings”
What was I supposed to do, flee this appointment, wait and see where exactly that took me?
But he continued on, strong, apologised for his attitude, said that he had a pain in his head
“So seriously, how have you been? Have you been seeing anyone else?”
I didn’t know what to say as I’d just visited a CBT therapist over the road, thought it might just be time to give this fella the road
He had loads to say but above all else that it was down to me, that I must do what feels best, forget about the rest
“Brian, it’s all about what suits, as long as you feel right when it comes to daily pursuits
Don’t be afraid to drop by again, I mean I don’t ask for anything other than perfect mental health for you
And please remember these words, I’ve seen quite a few quite like you, but one thing they are missing… the unconditional support and wealth when it comes to family”