She’s been with him to see a million creatively spontaneous things; they’ve EVEN tied their tremendous heartStrings: to the weight of… their InesCAPABLE fate. Been beautifully nUanCed and beatifically BOTH outrageously AWARE; this sureFIRE(!) m-u-s-t… “to tie tethered HeARTstringsAllOverAgain(!!)“Just one word, ACTually- UnIqueLy “absurdist” was their tenuously (MIS)placed, shrewd-eyed attempt at upsetting all sense of upside-down irony ‘til brought BEATIFICALLY(!) back to NorMAlity “aGaIn!”

Soon as “When?” they’ve EVEN very n-e-a-r-l-y enviously(!!) Managed to Bandage their dutiFULLY peripheral lives… “back TogetherAgain.” This IS: “her forever pen.”

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