Possibly it’s probably so far ahead of phenomenal that they can’t even comprehend the coined catchphrase nor the

Secretive ability to take a painting and smash it all against the GRAIN / literally. A sand in time masterpiece set in mindful stone / only one artist WILL know.

Just how it took their bestialised breath away
– and they have paid for it with an overactive ImagInaTion, indeed

Stringing it together like a part of their automatic soul and we seem — fifty nine times more aware as to the utter probability

Of causing chaos inside of their starry eyed minds. “It’s easy and it’s way too good and grateful, actually, for them not to dip a mammoth mind inside of yet another

Overstretched masterpiece— it’s a beautiful and delicious thing with mother effing wings ATTACHED… … and we cannot but scare ourselves into Sizeable Surrender. They did the maths and it seems to be that the sentences do carry their very own state of abstract

AWaReNeSs …