Antagonised, they have come against the shape of the system and at a purely outrageous pace/ to playFULLY place their cards RIGHT-DOWN-NOW(!!!)

Would be: to u-t-t-e-r-l-y underSTAND actuALLy… exactly what these people have been thinking about whenEVER they talk in silenced syllables again

… … of the courageoUS time-it-took to bring this plausible sense of distinguished inTELLigence back-to-the-tABLE – a parade of parody-seeking artists AND musicians that can AND will… WILL THEMSELVES ON (again) TO

Aforementioned (affABLY!) AlTeR ThE StaTe Of tHeIr very own iRrePaRaBlY unACCEPTABLE intelligences YET (a-GAIN!)